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In addition to The ASPIRE Creative Design Process, we use Appreciative Inquiry methods to address your current priorities and projects. When the power of design is merged with the positive intentions of people, magic happens.

Appreciative Inquiry is based on an assumption that every organization has something that works well and that these strengths form the core of creating positive change.

Appreciative Inquiry:
Purposefully positive
Builds on past successes
Highly participative
Encourages a constructive dialogue
Stimulates vision and creativity
Accelerates positive change

Appreciative Inquiry treats people like people, and not like machines. As humans, we are social. We create our identities and our knowledge in relation to one another. We are curious. We like to tell stories and listen to stories. We like to learn and use what we learn to achieve our best.

Diana Whitney & Amanda Trosten-Bloom

"Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a powerful approach to transformation as a mode of inquiry capable of inspiring, mobilizing, and sustaining human systems and change... AI focuses on the speed of imagination and innovation instead of the negative, critical, and spiraling diagnoses commonly used in organizations."

David L. Cooperrider

Capacity through Design
strengthening people, programs, places, process

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