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Project Partnerships Inc. Hands-on assistance for liberal arts colleges

Sherri Babcock’s career spans two decades in business strategy development and almost fifteen years in higher education. Although these may seem to be disparate experiences, Sherri has always helped groups colleges, for-profit businesses, and community organizations plan, implement, and manage change. Former senior vice president of The Bloom Agency, now Publicis USA, and vice president and dean of students at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, Sherri now consults nationally with liberal arts colleges, primarily in student affairs transition. Sherri has her M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University, B.A. in American Studies from Southwestern University, and postgraduate certificates in educational management, mediation, and diversity training.

Current Projects:
Recognizing that liberal arts and residential institutions are often understaffed for strategic planning and student affairs special needs, Sherri founded Project Partnerships to provide temporary, hands-on assistance. She works nationally, confidentially, and practically to support her clients’ goals, which include personnel transition, accreditation, senior staff training, and student out-of-classroom learning assessment.

Insights into Sherri:

Sherri connects ideas with issues, problems with solutions, and people with others who have solved or wrestled with similar concerns. She loves small colleges in small towns, live music and theatre, and visiting her daughter at graduate school in New York City. Sherri believes that collaboration, cooperation, and energy provide the appropriate response to most questions.

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