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As Peter Senge points out in his book The Fifth Discipline, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organization’s ability to learn faster than its competition.

As your partner in creating an organization where people and ideas flourish, provocative thoughts, emerging research, and new resources will ignite learning and inquiry.

In the News:

Johnette Isham is featured in an article “The Courage to Create” in Ringling School of Art and Design’s Perspectives Magazine.

In fall 2006, Johnette Isham is speaking at two national conferences:

National Association of Schools of Art and Design Conference.
Topic: Goals, Planning, and Time Management

The Wellness Community National Conference
Topic: The Art of Healing: Activating the power of place, people, and programs

Provocative Thoughts:

Buckminster Fuller and Comprehensive Design

In the age of Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind, let’s look back 60 years ago to American visionary and creator of the “spaceship earth” concept, Buckminster Fuller.

In the 1950s Buckminster Fuller proposed the idea of the Comprehensive Designer, a creator who would embody “an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

Through his work, Bucky aimed to develop a "comprehensive anticipatory design science" that is, a method of recognizing humanity's problems in advance and solving them with the best technology available, providing, as he put it, "more and more life support for everybody with less and less resources."

How can leaders of today anticipate problems, creatively solve, and provide more with fewer resources environmental, time, money, emotional energy?


Transition Guide
by Nancy K. Schlossberg and Stephanie Kay

Developed by experts on coping strategies, this is a no-nonsense, action-oriented approach to mastering change. It will enable you or your clients to take charge of the change, see it in a new light and most importantly, move forward instead of looking back. The Transition Guide is an instrument specifically designed for those who face change in their career, their relationships, and other aspects of their life. Read more...


Overwhelmed: Coping With Life’s Ups And Downs
by Nancy K. Schlossberg
Lexington Books

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Some changes we choose, others are completely outside of our control, and some occur when what we expect to happen doesn’t happen-like getting a job, or a promotion, or getting marriage. Overwhelmed offers help to individuals going through change-everything from divorce, death, birth of a first child, first supervisory job, loosing a job, moving, retiring. Read more...


Johnette Isham in the news

Click here to read an excerpt from "The Courage to Create" in Ringling School of Art and Design's Perspectives Magazine.


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