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Johnette Isham is an experienced designer, educator, researcher, manager, and leader, who works at the intersections of art, design, education, business, and organizational capacity. Here are sample testimonials describing her range of experiences and professional qualities.

"In my entire professional career I have never worked with anyone on the executive level who has been so focused, so conscientious, and so thoughtful. Johnette Isham exemplifies a savvy visionary with, 'attention to detail' precision. "

Debra M. Jacobs
President and CEO,
William G. Selby and Marie Selby Foundation

"In a few short months, Johnette Isham has become a vital strategic partner to The Wellness Community of Southwest Florida. She is the driving force behind a unique partnership which could dramatically improve support for cancer patients locally and internationally. Her extraordinary creativity and ability to attract critical resources and partners already has expanded our vision and upgraded our ability to achieve it."

Dave Shaver
Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees, The Wellness Community

"Johnette Isham was one of the finest appointments I ever made in the 35 years I have served as a college or university president. Johnette’s principal strengths relate to quickness of intellect, excellent communication skills, ability to create a collaborative and supportive environment, commitment to education, a unique ability to analyze, and a determination to see things through the proper resolutions."

Dr. Arland Christ-Janer
Former President, Ringling School of Art and Design

"Johnette has the unusual ability to dream, develop visions, and shoot for new efforts and new initiatives. I admire her brains, imagination, and practical problem-solving that follow a steady, relentless course. I respect Johnette for having the managerial ability to understand program planning, revenue and expense planning, and the program dollar margins. It will be hard to find her equal and one with a visual arts background to boot. "

Dr. Thomas F. Schutte
Former President, Rhode Island School of Design
Current President, Pratt Institute

"Johnette lives her life in a positive, energetic and flexible way. She puts issues and adversity in their proper place and acts to accomplish the goal. I find her to be the most amazingly effective individual I have ever worked with in higher education. She is an authentic person who exemplifies how an educated, mature human being lives and works. She is a healthy person who does not have unfinished business or hidden agendas.

Practically speaking, Johnette is a master at identifying and securing resources to accomplish the task. Johnette has raised significant new funds to support worthy tasks in every environment she worked. She cultivates and maintains strong friendships and sound working relationships."

T. Neil Severance Ed.D.
Former Vice President of Student Affairs, Rhode Island School of Design
Current Program Associate, Rhode Island Foundation

"Johnette is one of the most dedicated, accomplished, and inspirational educational leaders I have known. Many national and international colleagues, especially those of us who have had the honor and pleasure to work with her, have known of her amazing talents and leadership abilities for a long time now.

As Director of the Continuing Education Program, (Rhode Island School of Design), the program skyrocketed in enrollment, revenue and reputation. She easily earned the respect of her administrative colleagues, faculty, and the professional and local community for her marketing strategies and visionary programming."

Robert Rindler
Former Associate Provost,
Rhode Island School of Design
Former Dean, School of Art, Cooper Union

"Johnette has helped to lead Ringling School’s transformation over the past eighteen years to make it the excellent, top tier art and design college it is today. Johnette is a person of talent and heart, who has worked tirelessly for the success of Ringling School and her accomplishments here are extraordinary.

She led the formation of a liberal arts curriculum that was values-based and ensured that it became implemented. She changed the caliber of faculty teaching at Ringling School. And, she ensured that resources were directed to the academic programs so that the institution could begin to build its reputation on the basis of quality teaching of undergraduate art students.

Johnette is also a believer in assessment, especially student outcome assessment. Johnette led the effort to develop student outcomes both departmentally and campus-wide and then set about to ensure assessment of those outcomes. This was a model of what our accreditation body wants from every college in its region. Because of her efforts, Ringling School has received rave reviews from our accrediting bodies – SACS, NASAD and FIDER."

Dr. Larry Thompson
President, Ringling School of Art and Design

"Johnette Isham’s style of leadership is open and non-hierarchical which encourages others to emulate her approach. In 18 years of working with her I have never seen her lose her temper, say anything rash or inappropriate, or lose her infallible political sense of how to deal effectively with difficult people and situations by developing a strong consensus around a position reached through negotiation and research. She is undoubtedly the finest, most honest person I have ever had the pleasure and privilege to work with during my long career in higher education."

Dr. Tina Beer
Former Dean of Liberal Arts
Current faculty member, Ringling School of Art and Design

"Vice President Isham is an accomplished educator and views art education as a tool for people as they pursue the higher human values of communication, knowledge and creativity. She promotes the development of a shared vision of artistic excellence across the institution. She has a unique blend of natural ability, directness, common sense, congeniality, sincerity, vision, and leadership abilities. She is a remarkable person and a stupendous professional. From my perspective as an educator, Johnette represents what I want for every institution: a gifted, dedicated and visionary leader who takes her responsibilities very seriously."

Dr. Mahmoud Pegah
Director of Institutional Technology, Ringling School of Art and Design

"Johnette demonstrated a unique ability to successfully work within the corporate culture while never losing sight of what the Project’s goals were and how best to achieve them. One of the strengths she demonstrated was to impart on the Polaroid management the importance of the arts in education and how Polaroid could participate in that endeavor to the benefit of all….She constantly demonstrated a strong fiscal responsibility and was quite adept at leveraging private and public resources and funds in the support of the Polaroid Education Project. As I look back at the three plus years I worked with Johnette, I find it was one of my most rewarding experiences."

Fred Malatesta
Former Director of New Business Development, Polaroid Corporation

"Johnette 'engages' students, and 'engages' business people and business connections for students. She’s very much a people person. And though she’s a leader and developer, she’s quick to give credit to those with whom she works. This seems to be a wonderful strength, getting people to come together into new visions and new programs, just the way she engaged the faculty and staff of the Ringling School in raising the school to a new level."

Glen Swope
Arts Council of Manatee County
West Coast Woman Magazine

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